Flags are sold for $35 each, and if desired may be claimed Saturday afternoon November 11 or Sunday morning November 12 when the Field of Glory is taken down and moved to storage. The display will run from November 4 through November 11, the Saturday after Azusa annual Veterans Day event. We are calling this spectacular U.S. Flag display the Azusa Field of Glory.

Flags will be sold to honor veterans, servicepersons, first responders, personal heroes, or any loved one. We will personalize an ID tag that will be attached to each flag listing the Donor, the Honoree, and some information about the Honoree. You are encouraged to add a personal photo to your flag also, along with any other information you may choose to display.

There will be a site map updated daily showing visitors where to find individual flags in the Field, and the entire Field of Glory will be illuminated at night in accordance with U.S. Flag display protocol. All profits from the event will be used to fund and benefit Service Person Family support, Veteran’s Support and recognition, and local Youth Development Activities.


veterans cemetery memorial celebration with American Flag